Upgrade to Anderson - the next generation Intelligent Production System
Time : 2022/8/22
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#Upgrade to Anderson, we proudly present the next generation “Intelligent Production System"

The whole system is integrated with Anderson’s signature CNC nesting machine, multiple bunk storage/distributing system, Edgebanding with automatic material return/stacking system, and through-feed CNC drilling with robotic stacking system.
The system is communicated and connected by Anderson’s self-developed software, provide integration for multiple production procedures and detail productionmanagement, to bring the best Industry 4.0 experience for customers.

Automatic overhead crane automatic storage system - #MLS   

Customized system can be designed to fit into customer’s facility layout. To operate the system, customer will only need to generate the work list through the production work order, then stacks the corresponding sheet color and amounts to the storage area according to the work list, and MLS will automatically load and distribute to next stop.

High Efficiency Smart Processing Center - #GenesisEVOS79FL  

Anderson’s signature smart panel nesting solution is optimized for panel processing.
Special designed machine frame structure for panel processing industry, offering high processing efficiency, precision and reliability for 24/7 work loading.

Anderson return system with edgebanging process - #ARS  

ARS is the material return system dedicate to the complex edgebanding process.
It’s with barcode scanning system sorts the task list accordingly, reduce as many as operating error as possible.
Along with independent vacuum suction cups and panel rotation device, capable to pick up various sizes parts for material returning and stacking.
And most importantly, it will require one operator for this system only.

Through Feed Point To Point Drilling Machine - #STRYKER6S  

With visualized scan system for Barcode and QR code, the machine is capable to feed material in, drilling and feed out automatically.

Integrated with #High-repeatability robotic gripping system and multiple rotating axes for precise and flexible stacking operations


Production managing system - CyberWood  

Cloud based system; synchronized data and visualizing software interface provide straightforward experience for office and production to monitor machine data and status.

UV Inkjet printing machine - #CoJet  

With Anderson UV Inkjet printing technology, provide variable and smooth printing experience for customized application.

#Anderson is capable to provide wide range of systems exclusively for every customers!