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屏東縣政府攜手恩德企業捐贈1800套「Taiwan Box 防護箱」給全國醫療願所
Time : 2020/5/22
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屏東縣政府攜手恩德企業捐贈1800套「Taiwan Box 防護箱」給全國醫療願所

Anderson Group deeply appreciates the three Taiwan doctors who invented Taiwan Box, and unselfishly sharing original design to medical institutions in need all over the world, in order to protect frontline medical staff, received countless grateful feedback.

We, Anderson Group, as a corporation in Taiwan, are much honored to work with these 3 doctors and government to assist the batch production of Taiwan Box, with excellent performance of Anderson machines, contributes to the Pingtung County Government together for providing to medical institution for the COVID-19.

Also demonstrates the high efficiency of private enterprises work with the government, and fulfills corporate social responsibilities for the epidemic prevention work in Taiwan.